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IMPORTANT NOTE: 2013 iPads (and earlier)

Wordchain for Web is not currently supported on 2013 and earlier iPads, like the iPad Mini 2 and the original iPad Air.

Apple discontinued these models in 2017, and since 2019 has only offered security updates to iOS 12.5.5 (the highest iOS these iPads support - as of 28th March 2022, the latest iOS for newer iPads is 15.4)

If you wish to test your device, try one of the demos here: https://play.wordchain.co.nz/games/

If you do notice any sound stutter or other issue, please report it and we will keep you informed.

About Wordchain for Web

Wordchain began as four apps launched in 2017 for iOS and Android devices.

The apps are part of Christchurch literacy expert Betsy Sewell's "Agility with Sound", a comprehensive programme for building capable readers.

Wordchain for Web brings the success of those apps to most laptops, desktops and devices with a web browser.

It also introduces a subscription model that allows us to lower the price point and make it more widely available.

For further information, head to wordchain.co.nz(external link)