Wordchain is a series of comprehensive apps focused on building capable, confident Kiwi readers and writers!

Created in Aotearoa New Zealand, it features New Zealand accents. 

It's currently available as iOS and Android Apps on the Apple and Google Stores, but we're in the final stages of creating Wordchain for Web, allowing for Wordchain to be used in browsers on most desktops, laptops and devices.

The apps are designed to independently teach the skills that underlie successful reading and spelling: phonological awareness, phonics, and ‘chunking’.

WordChain has been used in many New Zealand schools with outstanding results, and featured in the Government’s 2020 Classroom Kete.

But perhaps most importantly, it’s a huge success with kids: we have many stories of them clamouring to be allowed to play “the penguin game”!


Wordchain is also supported by 136 sequenced decodable books that directly follow the apps - more info here(external link).


For a full roundup of Wordchain see wordchain.co.nz(external link)

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